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Another great newsletter, no surprise there! I always enjoy your missives.

Just so you don't wear yourself out trying to duplicate that penmanship, though, I shall mention that it can't be done with modern "writing tools" (blunt instruments might be a more accurate term). That card would have been written with a flexible dip-pen (or if the writer was poor or rural, a goose quill). The closest thing available now that is easily learned and convenient to use is a "full-flex" fountain pen. While there are quite a few being made of late (who doesn't want handwriting like that?) I feel the best one available as a starter pen (ie, under $100) is the Osprey Pens "Madison" which is now available on Amazon. Have fun!

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My guess on the curious knee flaps…. maybe pieces of thicker/stiffer fabric (canvas?) attached on top of the pants somehow and used to serve as knee protectors for work involving kneeling?

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